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Looking for the perfect treadmill running machine?

With our busy lifestyles, affording the time to visit the gym has become a luxury we can sometimes ill afford. Running machines were once the too expensive or bulky to have in the home. Fortunately with the development of the modern treadmill you neither need to be rich or have lots of space to have a running machine in your home. treadmill.co.uk offers information and reviews on all the major running machine manufacturers, helping you decide which is the best running machine for you.

The number of treadmills on the market is quite wide with many aspects to consider prior to purchasing your new running machine.

Features of the modern day treadmill

The features available on a running machine will vary depending on the cost and manufacturer.

  • Motorised or manual?
    A motorised treadmill means that you can set the speed of the machine and rely on the motor to move the belt whereas a manual running machine is powered by the runner. It is easier to have a consistent fitness programme on a motorised machine than a manual treadmill.
  • Does it have a computerised console?
    All motorised treadmills have a computer console of some description. At a minimum, these will calculate the distance you have run and allow you to set the running speed of the machine.
  • Is the treadmill foldable?
    If you’re looking to save space. Commercial treadmills tend to be solid welded frames that are designed to be postitioned and rarely moved. Home treadmills quite often have a fold-away feature to make them more appealing when space may be a problem. Check that the treadmill folds easily and what space is required by the machine when it is folded
  • Cushioned running belt?
    Jogging and running is a great cardio-vascular exercise. It can also have quite an impact on joints, especially around the knees. More expensive treadmills have a cushioned running belt that helps absorb the impact when your foot hits the running deck. This reduces the stress and potential for injury to your joints.
  • Does the treadmill have a decent warranty?
    If the treadmill stops functioning for some reason, you want to live safe in the knowledge that you won’t be required to ship the machine back to the manufacturer. If the treadmill has a lengthy warranty then you can be sure that the manufacturer has faith.
  • How much space do you have in your home?
    Generally treadmills are quite large (and heavy items). Therefore before making your purchase, ensure that you have room for the running machine both folded and un-folded. Every listing on this site details the dimensions of the fitness equipment both folded if the machine is foldable, or when set to the running position.
  • Are you a casual runner?
    The purchase cost of the average treadmill running machine has decreased in recent years, with quite advanced features even on budget machines. If you plan on only using the treadmill for walking, jogging or light running then consider purchasing one of the cheaper models. The cheaper models generally have motors with a lower HP meaning it will take more effort to carry a heavier person.